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Our mission is to honour the exceptional quality of Peru’s award-winning olive oil, Vallesur, which, all too often, is exported and anonymously blended into other country’s brands. We stand against this painful reality that deprives Peruvian producers of rightful recognition. Every time we see the delighted smiles of those tasting Vallesur for the first time, we’re reaffirmed in our conviction that introducing Vallesur in the UK has been a worthwhile endeavour.


'We want the world to know about the delicious olive oil that we produce here in Peru.’

Peru is a beautiful country known for its famous landmarks like Machu Picchu and the Nazca Lines, but it is also home to Vallesur, an olive oil with such high quality that it has won awards in international contests year after year. 

Unfortunately, when this olive oil is exported overseas, it is often blended with oils from other countries and sold under different brands, which has left the producers feeling devastated. (Not even a mention of the country of Peru.)

The producers have one sincere wish - 'We want the world to know about the delicious olive oil that we produce here in Peru.’


In response to their earnest desire and to counter the unfortunate situation, we decided to establish a company both in Japan and the UK.

Our mission is to uphold the integrity of Vallesur and its superior quality, promoting it to a global audience and ensuring it receives the recognition it truly deserves.


Peru's First Olive Oil Company to Receive Fair Trade Certification

Vallesur's manufacturer, AG SAC, has recently become the first olive oil company in Peru to achieve Fair Trade certification.

For many years, AG SAC has been at the forefront of the Peruvian olive industry, bringing together olive farmers who have found it challenging to enter the commercial market.

The company is actively involved in various initiatives to promote Peruvian olive oil and increase its recognition.

In our effort to support these hardworking producers from Peru, we are committed to regularly sourcing their products here in the UK, contributing our part to their noble cause.


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