Vallesur Olive Oil's International Competition Awards History (2023)

26 Awards from 12 international competitions

As of 2023, the Peruvian treasure, Vallesur olive oil, has been graced with a total of 22 awards from 12 esteemed international competitions, firmly establishing itself as a global frontrunner in quality and excellence.

Not only has Vallesur been repeatedly recognized on the international stage, but it has also clinched the highest honours in three of the world's most renowned olive oil competitions: ArgOliva, Sol d'Oro, and OLIVINUS IOOC. This triumphant streak is a resounding testament to the unparalleled quality and flavour profile that Vallesur brings to the table.

Particularly noteworthy is Vallesur's consecrated position in the ArgOliva competition. For the second year running, Vallesur has been heralded as the world's best olive oil, surpassing a multitude of distinguished European olive oils in the race. Such an accolade speaks volumes about the meticulous care, passion, and traditional methods infused into every drop of Vallesur oil.

At its heart, Vallesur's success story is rooted in Peru's fertile lands, centuries-old olive cultivation techniques, and an unwavering commitment to purity and authenticity. It's not just an olive oil; it's a journey of taste and a legacy of excellence.