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Vallesur is a condiment that Transcends the Traditional Concept of Oil

By Kenma Hyodo, L’Orchidee Blanche Executive Chef

Ex Virgin Olive Oil

Discover Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Strong Fruity│Peru │500ml

Vallesur is delicious olive oil crafted from the extraordinary Peruvian Criolla olives, cultivated on desert plantations and nurtured with pure spring water sourced from the majestic Andes Mountains.
Using a meticulous cold-extraction technique, this exceptional olive oil is known for its herbaceous green fruity aroma and indulgent nutty richness.



Strong Fruity│Peru │1000 ml

Vallesur is now available in a large 1-liter size, ideal for restaurant use, Vallesur offers excellent value for those who use oil in larger quantities. Please note a minor issue: the inner lid can be a bit difficult to open. However, the quality and rich taste make it a worthwhile choice for extensive use, enhancing a variety of dishes with its unique flavor profile.

See what top chefs are saying

Vallesur extra virgin olive oil is used by many master chefs in Japan and elsewhere, including Michelin two stars, Plate, and Bib Gourmand winning restaurants. Discover the comments from chefs who use Vallesur.

“It has a nice aroma and very robust flavour. It's like all the good parts of various olive oils have been packed into one bottle, so you can match it with anything.”
Iron chef Hiroyuki Sakai.jpg
Iron Chef, Hiroyuki Sakai - La Rochelle
"When I first tasted Vallesur, I was surprised by a taste I had not had in recent times. It can be used for everything from starters to desserts.”
Masafumi Hamano au 14 fevrier.png
Masafumi Hamano, Executive Chef - Au 14 Fevrier
“It is a good oil with a strong aroma and flavour, but when it is combined with the ingredients, the aroma turns into a very mellow one.”
dai kusuno.jpg
Dai Kusuno, Executive Chef - La Rochelle Sanno

How Vallesur is made
The manufacturing process from the plantation in Peru to the finished nutritious olive oil


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