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Polyphenols are plant-based antioxidants that boost heart health and immunity. Vallesur boasts an astounding polyphenol content of 688 mg/kg - we can proudly say Vallesur pure olive oil is the liquid gold you need. The antioxidant action of polyphenols contributes to the oil's longevity.


We keep the oil olive acidity level at 0.22%, so the aroma and the nutrients are preserved longer. There’s no heat when making extra virgin oil, so the many living nutrients are quickly absorbed in the body.



Vallesur has been honoured with a Gold Award at the prestigious London International Olive Oil Competition. It won 26 awards in total across 8 countries, achieving worldwide olive oil cooking recognition.


Culinary experts and Michelin-starred chefs featured in the Michelin Guide use and love our highly giftable Vallesur olive oil 500ml. It’s so good it transcends the traditional concept of oil, according to chefs and food lovers across the globe.

A Premium Balanced Taste

  • Green Fruity Aroma
  • Nutty Richness
  • Delicate Olive Bitterness

Criolla Olive

The olives used for Vallesur are the Criolla variety, which is found only in Peru. It is derived from the ‘Gordal de Sevilla’ variety, which was brought to Peru by the Spanish in the 16th century.

Great Features

The Criolla variety, which grows in the Andes Mountains and in the sun of the Atacama Desert, has a high polyphenol content and is characterised by its intense taste and aroma. The exquisite blending techniques of Ms Lourdes Gonzalez, who has served as a judge at international competitions, bring out the best of Vallesur’s unique characteristics: green fruity aroma, nutty richness and a rich yet smooth texture.

How Vallesur Is Made

The production process of the world's finest olive oil, utilizing cutting-edge technology in Peru, attracts study visits from Europe, showcasing the journey from plantation to finished nutritious olive oil.

It has a nice aroma and a very robust flavour. It's like all the good parts of various olive oils have been packed into one bottle, so you can match it with anything.

Masafumi Hamano

Executive Chef - Au 14 Fevrier
Vallesur is a condiment that Transcends the Traditional Concept of Oil

Kenma Hyodo

Executive Chef - L’Orchidee Blanche
It has a nice aroma and a very robust flavour. It's like all the good parts of various olive oils have been packed into one bottle so that you can match it with anything.

Hiroyuki Sakai

Iron Chef - La Rochelle



Awards won in 8 Countries

3× World No.1

in ArgOliva (2021,22,23)

2nd Best

in America, OLIO NUOVO 2020

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