La Rochelle Sanno, Tokyo

Iron Chef, Hiroyuki Sakai - Owner Chef

In a word, this oil is very refreshing!
It has a nice aroma and a very robust flavour. It's like all the good parts of various olive oils have been packed into one bottle so that you can match it with anything. I think it is essential to have versatility. Even when mixed with salads, it retains its aroma without becoming too blended. It can also be used in a variety of Japanese dishes.  I love it on rice with an egg. I also put it in miso soup every morning. It also mellows out tastes great on side dishes and has a nice aroma.

Au 14 Février, Lyon

Chef Masafumi Hamano, Executive Chef (-2023)

When I first tasted Vallesur, I was surprised by a taste I had not had in recent times.
It had a strong olive flavour, yet was smart and had a gentle aftertaste.
It can be used for everything from starters to desserts and shows different aspects depending on the temperature.

L’Orchidee Blanche, Fukuoka

Chef Kenma Hyodo, Executive Chef & Sommelier

Vallesur is characterised by its rich aroma and strong personality.
Its presence is similar to that of seasoning, and the style we use Vallesur has not changed: sometimes to bring out the flavour of the ingredients, and sometimes as a flavour. The more you use Vallesur, the more you realise its potential.
We not only use it as “Oil” but also use it as a powder or frozen to create new ways of using it. In our kitchen, where we are constantly challenged and creative, Vallesur has become an indispensable ingredient for us.

La Rochelle Sanno, Tokyo

Chef Dai Kusuno, Executive Chef

I use different olive oils depending on the ingredients, but until now I couldn’t find the right olive oil for meat.
But just by applying Vallesur to grilled meat and sprinkling with salt, the taste becomes outstanding. It changes the taste. I was already surprised.
It also goes very well with black truffles. When I try it with sirloin steak, Vallesur also raises the flavour of the meat itself tremendously, so it matches the truffles perfectly.
Anyway, it is a good oil with a strong aroma and flavour, but when it is combined with the ingredients, the aroma turns into a very mellow one.

Arai Shoten, Tokyo

Chef Takahiro Arai – Owner-chef

I have been using Vallesur since last year and this new oil is just wonderful.
The bluish aroma is brilliant. The colour of the oil is also good, as the plates in our restaurant are white, so the darker green colour of the Vallesur looks great on the plate.
I always think about my dishes on the spot, but Vallesur also has a nice kick of flavour at the end. The salt from the maras, which is poured over the food after it has been baked, goes very well with the Vallesur because it brings out the sweetness of the vegetables.
I often use it with other things like salsa. The oil has a strong taste but a gentle aftertaste at the end.

Daikanyama ASO Celeste Nihonbashi, Tokyo

Koki Kikuchi, Executive Chef

This year’s Vallesur has a special freshness that I personally like the best of all the olive oil I’ve tried so far. I have never had olive oil that has so many different elements and expressions. Nutty oil usually doesn’t have a lingering aroma, and fresh oils can have a sharp finish… I feel that Vallesur has both. It could be used to add a finishing aroma to spring vegetable potage soups, for example, or for desserts. When used in gelato, I think the fragrance of Vallesur combines with the sweetness in the mouth and really brings it out. It would also be interesting to use Vallesur with desserts such as cheesecake. In Japanese foodstuffs, it would be good to use it to take the edge off bitter food such as wild vegetables and I’m so thrilled to find a good combination.

Ristorante Kubotsu, Fukuoka

Chef Tomoki Kubotsu, Owner-chef

Vallesur is an olive oil that we liked very much as soon as we tasted it.
It has a firm bitterness, a high aroma, full-bodied, yet very mild.  
I have never tasted such rich olive oil before and it is different from any other olive oil in Europe. It is a versatile olive oil that can be easily combined with everything, especially with white fish such as carpaccio and ice cream with fresh cheese.

Restaurant Rencontre, Fukuoka

Chef Kazunari Domoto, Owner-chef

We have been using Vallesur olive oil since the opening of the restaurant. We serve it with wholemeal bread so that you can taste the flavour straight away. Our customers are surprised by the taste. They also visit us to find out where it comes from and where it is sold, so we decided to sell it in our shops as well. Vallesur olive oil also shows its potential in cooking. Just a few drops in dressings and flavourings can drastically change the taste, with an aroma that spreads in the mouth, a good bitterness, a sharp taste and a fruity quality. When added as a monte (instead of butter) to finish meat or fish sauces, it does not interfere with the base sauce, but lightly, but It finishes with a strong flavour statement. This olive oil is easy to match with everything.

Munakata Cuisine Ishida, Fukuoka

Chef Koji Ishida, Owner-Chef

Vallesur is an all-purpose oil that can be used in cold and hot dishes, raw fish and soups. Butter is often used in French cooking, but sometimes a generous amount of olive oil is used instead of butter to give the dish a Vallesur-flavour.
I like to use it in things like a smooth broth, so a generous amount of soups and sauces will accentuate the richness and aroma of Vallesur. I like the dark green olive oil because it makes the food look better. I dare to use it at one point to make the taste and aroma of the Vallesur stand out even more.